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Big data machine learning
Customer intelligence
Identify client’s needs in real-time & provide them with the right product at every stage of the customer’s journey. That way you can strengthen relationships & build loyalty.
Cyber Intelligence
With our solution organizations can safeguard their customers’ data while protecting their own information from internal and external threats.
Industrial Intelligence
The amount of connected devices keeps growing every day. We help companies find ways to harness and intelligently interpret their data.

Why Stratio?

Apache Spark is Big Data 2.0 - skip Hadoop and go straight to Stratio - the first "pure Spark" platform with 50% fewer components and operational complexity.
Do in days, what used to take months. No need to know Apache Spark or the many flavors of NoSQL, just click-to-deploy components and click-to-configure powerful data processing pipelines.
The Stratio real-time analytics stack is open source (Apache 2.0); built on top of Flume, Kafka, Cassandra, Spark etc. The Enterprise grade Stratio platform ensures reliability, high availability and scalability.
From ingestion to intelligence (and every stage in between), Stratio manages data flows end-to-end. Mix and match ETL tools, message queues, databases, visualization tools, even Apache Spark and Hadoop distributions - Stratio can do it all or fill in the gaps, on-premise or in the cloud.
Use standard SQL queries to join, explore and visualize data across data at rest (in SQL and NoSQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB and ElasticSearch) as well as streaming data in motion.
SQL queries not supported in NoSQL databases and Elasticsearch are executed transparently using local or global Lucene indexes and Apache Spark while all other queries are pushed down for native execution yielding better response times.
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